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The Vacuum Cleaner + Pantyhose Trick (Diamond Painting Pro Tip)

Everything necessary is one wrong move.

One jerk of the wrist. One lost lower arm, and you see your jewels diving to the floor practically in lethargic movement. LanMent Painting by Number African Women, DIY Paint by Number  Kits for Adults Beginners Kids Teens Drawing with Brushes Canvas 16x20inch


Jewel Painting Spill

Anyway, is all expectation lost? Dread not, on the grounds that on the current week’s Diamond Painting Pro Tips we will give you a basic hack for when you have an “Goodness Sh*t” second.

Little known technique: The Vacuum – Diamond – Pantyhose Trick

This current one’s really simple, however an outright lifeline once you need to go however this cycle yourself.

Stage 1: Grab an extra pair of pantyhose.

Then again, you can likewise utilize a standard pair of tights. Anything moderately sheer should work.

Stage 2: Place the pantyhose over adult paint by numbers online the hose expansion of a standard vacuum more clean.

Stage 3: Suck up your fallen jewels.

Note – cautious not to incidentally kill the vacuum before your precious stones are set deliberately over a garbage can (on the off chance that they’re totally turned around) or your work area in the event that you need to utilize them later.

Gracious – and be cautious if your vacuum additionally ends up getting any wanderer hide infant hairs 🐕🤣

Did You Have An “Gracious Sh*t” Moment?

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So what’s your opinion about our clever vacuum stunt? Any involvement in this one? Tell us in the remarks down beneath!

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